SKY LABO is a non-profit organization which fosters the next generation of innovative human resources in "STEM + α in Women's Education", adding Art to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

We provide an opportunity to enjoy learning and experience, while discovering ideas for technological development which leads to acquiring scientific knowledge.

Our name SKYLABO derives from our concept of a boundless laboratory, like the sky for children to explore and be inspired. Established in 2016.


Design thinking


Design Thinking is an approach which David Kerry (IDEO founder) has created from his extensive experience. It is often used to reach innovative solutions.

In 2005,, a school for teaching design thinking, was established within Stanford University.

People who have acquired this design thinking approach have become active in Silicon Valley and various industries. The method has come to attract much attention.


Our program


At our workshop, you will learn the conception and mindset of fabrication through direct guidance by experts invited from Silicon Valley.

It is a special curriculum which emphasizes teamwork and communication between participants, and is dedicated to the learning of female students.

Let's learn to think freely without fear of failure in a friendly atmosphere, and experience the pleasure of making useful products for people.

Bilingual interns support participants during the program.