What is SKYLABO?


SKY LABO is a non-profit organization which fosters the next generation of innovative human resources in "STEM + α in Women's Education", adding Art to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

We provide an opportunity to enjoy learning and experience, while discovering ideas for technological development which leads to acquiring scientific knowledge.

Our name SKYLABO derives from our concept of a boundless laboratory, like the sky for children to explore and be inspired. Established in 2016.


STEM + α


Our program


Study in Silicon Valley while in Japan


・ Special curriculum developed with the professors in Stanford University ・You can learn the latest design thinking method in Silicon valley ・You can hear the stories of female experts in STEM field who are active around the world ・ Bilingual university students will help you during the program ・ You can gain a global perspective through the exchanges with students who are raised in different cultures


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