“The bilingual design coach was always ready to answer any of my questions.  When I started the program, I knew no one and was nervous, but the entire team welcomed me.  It was also encouraging to be able to speak up in English.”

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“I was worried as I walked in on the first day because everyone else spoke English.   However, I gradually got used to it and started finding joy in voicing my own opinion. It allowed me to discover new things as I immersed myself in the English-only environment.”

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“I used to  had a hard time voicing my opinions was never my forte, but I gave it a try [by participating in SKY Labo's workshop] and I ended up enjoying it very much.  My team mates often empathized with my point of view and continued the conversation based on what I said and built upon what I had proposed.  In addition, I learned how to put myself in someone's shoes and learn from different perspectives.”

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“I got to know the team well as we went through interviews, brainstorming, portrait drawing, and prototype making.  These activities were new and refreshing experiences for me.”

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