Lani Takano

Operations Manager (Silicon Valley)

Lani Takano received her B.S. in Computer Science/Math from University of California, Davis. She has designed and wrote control software for custom signal processing hardware systems. With her keen interest in early childhood education, she worked as an assistant nursery school teacher. She has also helped develop programing for Japanese cultural summer program for the K-5 Mountain View Whisman School District. She is the Gifted and Talented Education Program (GATE) Parent Liaison and GATE Parent Coordinator. The is a proud parent of two college girls. 

Naomi Kurisu

Operations Manager (Japan)

Naomi received her B.A. in English and American Literature from Musashino Women's University.  After graduating, she worked for NTT docomo group, Japan's largest telecommunications company. She was in charge of video communication service planning for consumers, and as a manager in the customer service department. She resigned from the company to accompany her husband to overseas assignment in 2015, and stayed in the US Silicon Valley for about three years. In Silicon Valley, she studied American Sign Language at West Valley College to learn the cultural differences between Japanese Sign Language and American Sign Language. She also worked as an office assistant at Sungenix Energy Solutions, which installs solar energy.

Risako Ninomiya

Project Assistant (Japan)

Risako received her B.A. in International Liberal Arts Studies from Waseda University. After graduating, she worked as a teacher at LITALICO Inc. to support children with developmental delay with age 1 to 18. She has also provided parents training and collaborated with school teachers to create an environment where students can learn and live comfortably. In addition, she is a regional representative of Lean In Tokyo, a global organization which is originally founded by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, with a mission to create opportunities for women to take courage and take a step forward. She currently works as a contents developer at Selan, Inc., and develops learning contents for a babysitting and tutoring service in English.

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Saya Iwasaki

Logo Design

Saya Iwasaki is is the CEO and founder of Aril Studios, where they design contextual learning experiences that inspire people to learn. They have designed frameworks, methodologies, UI/UX, workshops, visual designs workshops and creative learning experiences in varying contexts for organizations such as Gakko, SkyLabo and NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, amongst others. She is passionate about global education, inspiring children to dream beyond circumstances, and building communities. She is a graduate of Bard College and Stanford University's Masters in Education's Learning, Design and Technology program.

Manami Yatsufuji

Photographer (Japan)

Tomo Saito

Photographer (Silicon Valley)